Model Railroading is a passion and a hobby of mine. In this blog you will see my layout projects, custom locomotives, and a whole lot more! This site is also a hub for the model railroading community in Canada and abroad. (Checkout the links in the sidebar)

To navigate this site. There are categories up top based on parts of my layout, projects and future sales. On the right side you will find blog updates. Below are the helpful links to pages that you may find interesting.

The layout:

I am currently working on a 12ft section of my layout. The layout is proto free-lanced depicting CP & CN operations in north eastern Ontario. Most of the locations are real however there are certain parts of the layout that are loosely based on the prototype. The railways I model are CPR on the North Bay and Chalk River Subdivision. CNR on the Alderdale and Beachburg Subdivision. The layout time period is from 1985- 1994.

Layout photos:

image2-3CN 9675 Eastbound At North Bay Ontario.image5CN 9675 Westbound At North Bay Ontario.

18 thoughts on “About

      1. Kevin

        Ok cool. I’m in north bay. I model the Ontario morthland from north bay to cochrane. With the CN/ONR interchange!!
        Look forward to following the progress of your layout.


    1. Thanks Dave, I’m going to post an article this weekend about it. It’s not wired for lighting yet and I just finished milling some weight for it. Ive got a second one (still in the box) on the work bench. If you want I can build you that one from the ground up with the prototype specs that fit your railroads needs. Contact me at marcomigotto@yahoo.ca and we’ll talk if you’re interested 🙂


  1. Dave Turcotte

    Hi Marco ,viewed your latest work.Looks great. I live here in Calgary, but grew up in Pembroke/Petawawa area. its great to see someone modeling that area. I’m currently modeling in HO scale CN in the rocky regions, even though l live in CP headquarters territory. If you need any photos of different units out west here, let me know.I do lots of photography for CP and CN
    archives.you can always shoot me an email.
    Keep up the good work.


      1. Dave Turcotte

        Hi Marco, I grew up there in the 70’s and lived on Bruham Ave. in Pembroke. From the house you could see the Bridge over the Muskrat River, that was west of Beachburg by about 15 miles. Unfortunately , l never took any photos back then. i wish l did now. I went back there three years ago, and all the track was ripped up and they closed the CP line to North Bay.You, probably know that..but l was shocked. As soon as l head up to Edmonton to Jasper then to the Thompson Valley l will send you some pictures. I have some Via rail that l took in Jasper last year if that interests you. Let me know.


      2. Thanks Dave! I was shocked too. I was doing some research about the OVR almost 5 years ago an stumbled onto the two lines. My goal is to make a fully operational and accurate model to preserve the two lines. After all the Chalk River Sub was CP’s original transcontinental route. I’d also be interested in some pictures. We’ll keep in touch. You can send me some CN/CP VIA pic’s anytime!


      3. Dave Turcotte

        Hi Marco, how can l send you some photos at this email address? It won’t let me add any attachments.

        Dave turcotte


  2. Ryan

    Hi or your CN slug 223 I bought a couple of those kits, what where your extra detail parts ya had under the frame where it connects with the brass rods? Also you got a terrific layout!


  3. Mark Oram


    Really nice work on GP38. I am going to attempt my first detailing project on an Athearn Blue Box GP38-2. Would you have the actual part #’s you used as I don not know the accurate detail parts to use? Did you buy from the individual suppliers as noted or did you buy from one retailer?


    Mark Oram


    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for reading! The unit at this time still needs to be primed and painted. I’m going to write another article on it as soon as I finish another project thats on the go at the moment. I bought most of my parts from different suppliers. However the bulk of the parts come from Miniatures By Eric. You can go through the site and match the parts with the list that I included in the article. All the parts I listed where found online and shipped to me with the exception of the frame I made for the turbo intakes.



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